A Neighborhood Watch is Not…

This is part two of a series of articles about Neighborhood Watch programs.
Neighborhood WatchNeighborhood Watches are one of the original foundations of community policing, and are referred to as the EYES AND EARS OF LAW ENFORCEMENT. Members look out for neighbors and their property, and report suspicious activities to law enforcement. By doing so, citizens are better served and protected in their neighborhoods.
But Neighborhood Watches are more than looking out for suspicious activity in neighborhoods. Through community mobilization, neighbors, businesses, coworkers and students form an active majority against the minority of wrong doing in the community. Watches allow individuals who often don’t know their own neighbors the opportunity to discover the common interests and priorities they share, and protect themselves, their families and homes in a reasonable way.
Through mobilization, neighbors also become less fearful of crime. Residents work to prevent the possibility of crime in the area, and develop a sense that something is finally being done to make their community safer. Mobilization brings residents, knowledge, resources and energy together to form a partnership against crime to meet community needs.
  1. Vigilante groups
  2. Taking the law into your own hands
  3. Citizens pursuing criminals, or becoming physically involved in the criminal element

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