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How We're Making a Difference

The Foundation is quietly working proactively by investing in and implementing innovative community policing initiatives and engagement activities that foster stronger relations and build bridges between citizens and police officers.

Mission of the Cleveland Police Foundation

Invest in programs to help police improve community trust
with emphasis on youth in their formative years, and programs
that enhance the morale and well-being of police officers.


Improve morale, and support the well-being of Cleveland Police officers

The Foundation’s “Hero’s Fund” assists families of officers killed in the line of duty, and officers with duty-related health issues. Spotlight “exceptional” police work in our Partner newsletter. Provide funding to relieve job-related stress through our Therapy Dog Program, and classes to teach mindfulness, self-awareness, and empathy, and Yoga for mental wellness.

Build bridges of trust and understanding between police and the community.


The Foundation underwrites “Coffee With Cops” (police and citizen dialogues), and facilitated conversations between business and senior police officials to address questions, concerns and issues. The Friends of the Foundation membership program to unlocks interaction between citizens, business, and community organizations with police. Investments extend the reach and effectiveness of Cleveland Division of Police, Community Relations Unit.

Create opportunities for positive police interaction with kids.


We are partnering with community organizations and police charities such as PAL (Police Athletic League) to scale-up interactive athletic and arts programs for kids to learn, work, and play with police officers as role models. More “Fishing With Cops” events are planned, and the Foundation is helping PAL invigorate
“Golden Gloves, ” and setting up arts projects for cops and kids painting murals with Messages of Hope.


together we make a difference!