What Motivates Neighborhood Watch Members

This is part seven of a series of articles about Neighborhood Watch programs.

Keep crime down, turn your lights onThe key to a successful Watch and community mobilization is to motivate and unite individuals, businesses, schools, churches, civic organizations and associations and government leaders to reduce crime and improve the community. Below are ways to gain the support and enthusiasm of members and remain mobilized beyond single problems and projects.


Listen to what members are really saying to discover what concerns they have and what would motivate them to take action. By listening to individuals and recognizing that different factors will motivate them to participate, goals may be created that they believe in and support.


Look for common concerns you and your neighbors share, and then get together to figure out how to solve them. Unite on important, shared concerns and remind each other why a set goal is meaningful and how it will improve the quality of life for neighbors.


Learn the facts about issues, and base strategies and actions on those facts. Motivate residents by reminding them of community issues that, if ignored, will be more difficult to solve later.


Individuals are more likely to be motivated to action if there are meaningful, realizable goals in which they have an interest in seeing achieved. Develop a strategy that finds a away to utilize each member’s skills and talents.


Use training to educate members in crime prevention and community issues. Training serves to keep members motivated to learn and grow as a group, and should be based on the interests and concerns they have for their area.


Success is a great motivator and mobilizer. Celebrate success by recognizing everyone who played a role in making it happen, then market the success throughout your community.

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Neighborhood Watch Article Series

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