The CPF in Partnership with the OCPA Presents the ” Tip Of The Week”

PERSONAL SAFETY       (continued)

When Jogging or Bicycling:
 * Go with a friend and take familiar, well-traveled routes.
 * Don’t jog or bike at night ( particularly not alone).
 * Try riding or running without stereo headphones. It is safer to remain alert to what is around (and behind) you.
Parking Lot Security:
* Use your senses, and stay alert to your surroundings.
* Park in well-lighted areas.
* Lock your car at all times and don’t leave valuables inside.
* Have your keys ready IN HAND when approaching your car.
* Do not overload yourself with packages or bundles.
* When walking to your car, whether at night or during the day, try to walk with others.
* If you do become a crime victim, try to remain calm.
* Get a suspect and vehicle description and notify the police immediately.
Purse snatch:
* This is usually a hit and run operation in which speed is of the essence.
* Most purse snatchers are fleet footed teenagers who take advantage of an opportunity.
* By carrying your purse under your coat or close to your body you already lessen the risk.
* Try to avoid carrying irreplaceable items and unnecessary cash or credit cards.
Strong arm robbery/ Armed Robbery – A strong arm robbery or “mugging” is robbing by force or threat of force while armed robbery involves the use of a weapon, usually a knife or gun.
* Carry no more cash or credit cards then are actually needed.
* Always be alert and aware of your surroundings.
* Stay away from building fronts and walk next to the street.
* If followed by a car, turn and walk quickly in the other direction.
* Be aware of where you are going and don’t travel alone.
* Don’t flash your cash or other valuables.
* Avoid dark places, short cuts, alleys, or sparsely traveled areas.
* Have your keys ready in hand.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Understand that to resist a thief, or criminal is a personal decision to make. However, if confronted by a weapon, consider if what you are protecting is worth the risk. But always remember, PREVENTION is the key to living safer.
* NEVER leave your keys in the ignition. Almost half the cars stolen have the keys in the ignition and most are not locked. Give a thief an opportunity and they will take it.
* Don’t hide a spare key under the carpet, sun visor, or floor mat.
* If properly installed and used an alarm system is an effective auto theft deterrent.
* Park in well-lighted areas and avoid parking in public lots for long periods of time.
* Don’t leave valuables in your vehicle or glove box.
* Always lock your car doors…..ALWAYS
* Contrary to popular opinion, most car thieves are not professionals, they are opportunists, so don’t make it easy for them to take your vehicle.
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