The CPF in Partnership with the OCPA Presents the ” Tip Of The Week “


* Plan your route ahead of time.
* Try not to travel alone.
* Keep your doors locked and windows rolled up.
* Don’t drive in unfamiliar areas.
* Look in the rear view mirror often and watch around you – STAY ALERT!
* Always leave room ahead of your car to escape (don’t box yourself in).
* Carry a cellphone with you at all times.
* DO NOT stop to help stranded drivers – call the police for them.

Carjacking is a growing concern for many Americans. While percentage wise, the risk remains comparatively small, it is worthy of consideration. The American Automobile Association suggests:
* BE AWARE! Choose well-lighted, well-traveled facilities when stopping and try to park in a well-lighted area where people can see you.
* When returning home, be aware of all vehicles and pedestrians. Keep your home and your driveway well-lighted.
* Be careful after a minor rear-end accident. If you are bumped from behind and the circumstances are suspicious, call the police.
* Let someone know where you are going and when you will return.

Getting Into Your Vehicle:
* At night, park in a well lighted area.
* Be aware of your surroundings.
* Have your keys ready in hand.
* Look for anyone near your car or near you.
* Check the exterior of your car.
* Check the interior of your car before entering.
* Keep your car in working order at all times.
* Try not to ever let the gas tank get below half full.
If Confronted Getting Out Of Your Car:
* Avoid any verbal or  physical confrontation.
* Cooperate…. move quickly away from your car.
* Walk or run away from the immediate area.
* Call the Police Immediately.
* Provide an accurate description of suspect(s) and vehicle(s).
  *** If at all possible….NEVER go with the suspect(s)!!!
(continued next week)



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