The Cleveland Police Foundation in Partnership with the Ohio Crime Prevention Presents the ” Tip Of The Week “

AUTO THEFT ( continued )


Theft of certain trucks, recreation vehicles, and snow mobiles is on the increase. Because they are not always serialized by the manufacturer, recoveries are few. To help keep your other vehicles from being stolen, follow these guidelines:
1) Park smaller vehicles out of sight in a garage or basement or use a cover.
2) Always keep the keys with you.
3) Lock your bicycle with a case-hardened chain or cable and lock, winding the cable through the frame and then around a fixed object.
4) Use the fork lock found on most street motorcycles.
5) Vehicles carried on trailers should be secured with a strong chain and padlock.
6) If the trailer is not attached to your car, secure it with a heavy chain and lock to a stationary object.
7) Chain your motorcycle or snowmobile to a stationary object such as a lamppost or sewer grating.
8) With trucks and recreational vehicles, make sure you lock up all easy-to-carry items like motors and camping gear before leaving.

1) When you park your car remove all valuable possessions from the seat and place these items in the trunk.

2) Don’t advertise your home address by leaving packages, letters, etc. with your name and address visible in your car. It’s an invitation to home burglary
3) Make sure all easy-to-carry items like motors, water skis and camping gear are locked up before leaving your vehicle.
4) Carry as few valuables as possible, especially if you must leave your vehicle unattended for long periods of time.
5) Stow small packages or shopping bags under a seat before you reach your destination.
6) Don’t use the glove compartment as a traveling safe. It’s the first place thieves look.
7) When traveling and stopping overnight, bring everything into your room and use the hotel safe. Out of state license plates attract thieves.
8) Be especially careful to lock up your valuables at beaches, restaurants and other tourist attractions.


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