The Cleveland Police Foundation in Partnership With the Ohio Crime Prevention Association Presents the “Tip of the Week”


An important responsibility of Neighborhood Block Watch participants is to report anything suspicious to the police. And here are a few things to look for:
                   * Someone running from a car or home.
                   * Someone screaming. If you can’t determine what the screams are for, call the police and report it.
                   * Someone going door-to-door in the neighborhood or looking into windows and parked cars.
                   * A person who seems to have no purpose wandering in the neighborhood.
                   * Any unusual or suspicious noise that you can’t explain, such as breaking glass or pounding.
                   * Vehicles moving slowly, without lights, or with no apparent destination.
                   * Business transactions conducted from vehicles. This could involve the sale of drugs or stolen goods.
                   * Offers to sell merchandise at ridiculously low prices. It’s probably stolen.
                   * Property carried by persons on foot at an unusual hour or place, especially if the person is running.
                   * Property being removed from closed businesses or residences known to be unoccupied.
                   * A child resisting the advances of an adult.
The police need to have accurate information as quickly as possible about a suspicious activity or crime in progress. When observing a suspicious person, vehicle or activity, or a crime in progress, immediately call the police to report the activity and also alert your neighbors to the crime. The phone number for reporting crimes is 9-1-1. You can call this number any time you witness a crime (day or night). This number is for emergency situations only. You should never attempt to apprehend a suspect.
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