The Cleveland Police Foundation in Partnership with the Ohio Crime Prevention Association Presents the ” Tip Of The Week”


1) Keep a full tank of gas and when filling your car up make sure it is a well lit busy gas station.
2) Be aware of your surroundings. Most drivers only look out of their windshield, you need 360 degree situational awareness.
3) Stay on the move. Keep moving if you sense a potential threat, a traffic ticket is better than an ambulance drive.
4) Always leave an out. If possible drive and park well behind the car in front of you so you have room to maneuver.
5) When in doubt, reverse. Sometimes the quickest way to put disaster between you and an attacker is by putting the car in reverse.
6) Be extra careful in Detroit. There are 3 times more car hijackings in Detroit than in New York City.
7) Beware of fake accidents. Car hijackers bump into target car then take it by force when driver gets out to exchange information.
8) Don’t be fooled by flashing headlights. Thieves have historically flashed their lights or waved drivers down as if something was wrong with their vehicle, then take the vehicle by force once the driver stops.
9) Avoid being boxed in. If you sense someone is attempting to box you in , do your best to keep moving even if you have to go in reverse.
10) Windows up and doors locked especially in high risk areas.
11) When all else fails give the vehicle up. If all efforts fail and confrontation occurs it is safer to give up the vehicle than to resist. Call 911 immediately.


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