The Cleveland Police Foundation in Cooperation with the Ohio Crime Prevention Association Presents the ” Tip Of The Week “

AUTO WATCH (continued)

 * Get off the roadway, out of the path of oncoming traffic, even if you have to drive on a flat tire. The tire is replaceable; You are not.
* Turn on your emergency flashers. If you have emergency road flares in your trunk, position them conspicuously.
* Always have a cell phone handy, and use it to obtain help.
* If another motorist stops to render assistance remain in the car and tell them help is on the way. Trust no one.
* If you see a stranded motorist, notify the police.
* Please remember, the Cleveland Division of Police has traffic cars assigned to the freeways during morning and afternoon rush hours.
* Don’t drive home. You would only be telling your follower where you live. Notify Police if you have a cell phone.
* Stay calm. As long as you think clearly, you’ll be in control of the situation.
* Flash your lights and sound your horn long enough to attract attention to you, and consequently the person following you.
* Drive to a Police Station, Firehouse, or an already-identified safe spot, sounding your horn and flashing your lights.
* Do not leave the safe location until you’re sure your follower is gone.      OCPA%20logo%202


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