Safety Tip of the Week

Tip # 1 – Install good dead bolts in your doors, and use them. About 50 percent of burglars enter homes through unlocked doors and windows.
Tip # 2 – Make sure outside doors, including the one between your house and garage, are solid 1-3/4 inch metal or wood, and fit tightly in their frames. Hinges should be on the inside.
Tip # 3 – Secure sliding glass doors with commercial locks and a sturdy wooden dowel in the track or a nail inserted through a hole drilled in the sliding door frame projecting into the fixed frame.
Tip # 4 – Lock double-hung windows by sliding a bolt or nail through a hole drilled at a downward angle in each top corner of the inside sash and part way through the outside sash, or buy window key locks at a hardware store.
Tip # 5 – If you keep valuable possessions in your home or live in an isolated area, consider the benefits of an alarm system, and be sure to check the company’s references.
The Cleveland Police Foundation is proud to be a partner with the Ohio Crime Prevention Association, and wish to thank them for these valuable tips.


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