A Cloud Over Keeping Resee’s Kids Warm

Sunday, November 13th, 2022, the annual “Keeping Resee’s Kids Warm” event was held at Arbor Park. Long johns, hats, scarfs, socks, and treat bags were passed out to over 100 youngsters.

Resee Brown made this a tradition around the holidays because she hated to think that some children would be cold without the proper clothing. Ironically, Resee couldn’t be at the event this year her battle with cancer made her too weak to attend. Her daughter, Brenda Brown (PAL Board Secretary) supervised the event in her stead and continued the Brown Family tradition of helping others.

It is with great sadness that I must report that Resee passed away the next day after her event. Resee was a life long community advocate, a longtime PAL volunteer and PAL board member for many years.

Resee was always a champion for the underserved and disadvantaged. She would quietly help others without a lot of fanfare. She often used her own money to pay for items she gave to others less fortunate, even though she herself was not financially a very wealthy person. She seldom complained and downplayed her illness when someone would ask how she was doing. Resee never failed to help when asked and she was greatly loved by many.

She will sorely be missed but we take consolation in the fact that her suffering is now over. Please keep her family in your thoughts and prayers.

– Executive Director Robert M. Kumazec, Jr., Cleveland PAL


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