July 2022 Police Officer of the Month

The Cleveland Police Foundation is honored to recognize Patrol Officer Bob Yuhas as the July 2022 Police Officer of the Month.

Patrol Officer Bob Yuhas of the CPD Fifth District is a dedicated veteran officer who is well respected by both his peers and his supervisors.

When contacted to comment on his work ethics, Lieutenant Chris Haist of the 5th District B Platoon stated, “Officer Yuhas is assigned to a one man car and usually takes care of report runs, accidents and always empathizes with the victims he deals with, building a stronger bond with the community. I value his opinion and have picked his brain on several topics. He is often given tasks by his supervisors because they know he is dependable and will get the job done. Bob also mentors newer officers and helps them with any questions they may have. It is refreshing to see how his work ethic and dedication rubs off on his fellow officers. Officer Bob Yuhas is a leader on our shift, and his knowledge and experience is truly an asset.”

Bob has also volunteered for many years in Cleveland Police Athletic League sponsored events often accompanied by his daughter Elsa whenever possible.

Executive Director of Cleveland PAL Bob Kumazec stated, “Officer Yuhas has enthusiastically assisted with many PAL events including the annual Cleveland Police Children’s Holiday Party and Toy Giveaway each December. His unselfish dedication and always present sense of humor is deeply appreciated and valued as a member of the PAL family.”

It is because of his dedication to his fellow officers and the community he serves that the Cleveland Police Foundation is proud to name Patrol Officer Bob Yuhas our Police Officer of the Month for July 2022.

Nominated by Lt. Chris Haist, Bob Kumazec, and the CPF

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