A long delayed thank you

Editor’s Note: Many thanks to Mr. Brand for his kind words. The CPF was not in operation in 2006, however our inquiry revealed that the support for the Brand family was rendered by two of our umbrella charities, the Pipes & Drums of the
Cleveland Police and the Greater Cleveland Peace Officers Memorial Society.

From: Michael Brand  —  A long delayed thank you.

In January of 2006 our house burned to the ground. At the time we were devastated but we were grateful there was no loss of life. Many in our community came out to help and support us. One unexpected source of support was the Cleveland Police Foundation. My brother-in-law is a Cleveland Police officer and through him, you and your brothers and sisters helped us in our time of need. It was our intention to send thank you notes along however every time we tried, we became too emotional.

The emotion was not for the loss of property. It was a new found belief in the goodness of people. Prior to our fire, we felt that no one cares anymore. We felt that society as a whole had taken on a narcissistic attitude towards the world. That one event in our life changed our lives for ever.

People do care.

People want to help. People want to be there to support and help you recover. Your donation to aid in our recovery was, as I stated before, unexpected and welcome at a time when we needed a lift. Police officers have a tough but much needed role in the world. You see the worst civilization has to offer yet you still find it in your hearts to help people when they need it the most.

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts and thank you to my brother-in-law, Jeff Stanczyk.


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